Reevaluating Adversarial Examples in Natural Language
John X. Morris, Eli Lifland, Jack Lanchantin, Yangfeng Ji, Yanjun Qi
Preprint, 2020
arXiv   Github

Pointwise Paraphrase Appraisal is Potentially Problematic
Hannah Chen, Yangfeng Ji, David Evans
ACL 2020 Student Research Workshop, 2020

Generating Hierarchical Explanations on Text Classification via Feature Interaction Detection
Hanjie Chen, Guangtao Zheng, Yangfeng Ji
ACL, 2020
arXiv   Github

Improving the Explainability of Neural Sentiment Classifiers via Data Augmentation
Hanjie Chen, Yangfeng Ji
NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Robust AI in Financial Services, 2019

An Empirical Comparison on Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning for Paraphrase Generation
Wanyu Du, Yangfeng Ji
EMNLP, 2019
arXiv   Github